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The Travel Industry Afterparty
A behind the scenes look at the travel industry presented by real people working in tourism.

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Brian Carr

Brian literally grew up in the travel industry. His parents owned and operated a travel company for most of his childhood. As a result he spent most of his summers on a motor coach traveling all over North America. At 17 he graduated from a participant and began working as a Tour Guide in Chicago. Today he is the Co-Owner and President of Tour Services, Inc and its full family of travel brands including One Lifetime Travel.
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Tad Meehan

Tad is the original Travel Jack of all trades. He delightfully refers to himself as the office minion despite being the director of operations. Which makes his responsible for coordinating the Logistics of thousands of concurrent travelers. He earned this delightful joke title because when he joined our team he had no official job description in the first few months. He basically had to learn everything as went while he helped everyone where he could. Today he has one of the widest range of expertise out there.